Saying Farewell to the Scooby Gang and Angel Investigations (for now…)

On my eighteenth birthday (July 2012, if you were wondering), one of my very good friends gave me the perfect gift. It was a doorway into another world, a portal into a dimension of “oh, my feelz” and “aw hell no” and “why doesn’t everyone I love watch this?” It was, if you haven’t guessed already, the first two seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It’s been over a year, and I’ve finally finished the seven seasons of BtVS, and the five season spin-off series Angel (is it possible for a spin-off series to be better than the original?) … and man, am I sad it’s over. There were high points and low points amidst the epic journey I took with Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Anya, Tara, Dawn, Cordelia, Angel, Spike, Wesley, Fred, Gunn, Lorne and (even) Andrew (plus a helluva lot more). I came to love all of these characters — each so different, yet each perfectly written, fully realised and completely real. There are characters who merely formed the milieu of the story that I would’ve named, but the list would go on for a while (longer than it already is, I mean). These people (for that’s what they are to me; more than characters) have taken me on an adventure beyond my imaginings, and have shown me things I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

But, more importantly, they made me feel.

And the writing! Oh man, the writing is simply superb. With Joss Whedon as creator (and the writer of most of the best episodes), know that you can’t go wrong. The story-lines are gripping, emotive and make you wish that you had the genius required to come up with something so fantastical, so amazing, so right. (I’ll have you know I cried more than once during the watching of all 254 episodes that make up the Buffyverse.)

I am devastated that my time with these wonderful people in this wonderful (or not so wonderful, depending on how you view it) world is up, but I’m also grateful that I was a part of it (belatedly, I’ll admit, but hey, I can’t help when I was born). Things to look forward to now: the comic books that continue the series (canon, of course), more Joss Whedon paraphernalia (particularly Firefly, I’m told), and the hope and inspiration that I, too, may create something half as brilliant as this. If you haven’t watched this yet: why are you still reading this? Go get yourself some Buffy!

To everyone (cast, crew, creators): thank you, sincerely.



12 thoughts on “Saying Farewell to the Scooby Gang and Angel Investigations (for now…)

  1. Definitely Firefly; Dollhouse is ok (it had its moments); Dr. Horrible if you haven’t seen it.

    Buffy/Angel was my best thing for so long. Still is; just lives in my memory now more so than watching it every week. (I’m old enough that I watched it as it came out. Had to wait a week between episodes and walk UPHILL BOTH WAYS to school EVERY DAY. Get off my lawn, whippersnappers!)

    • I’ve heard sj’s rants about Eliza Dushku, so I’m a bit hesitant to watch it even though the premise sounds really interesting. Don’t worry, definitely Firefly!

      I kind of envy you the experience of watching it as it came out, being there and everything. But on the other hand, I’m glad I got to watch it whenever I wanted, y’know? Like, when there were twists at the end of an episode, it’s like, right, time to put the next disc in or whatever.

      Don’t worry, you’ll have your Gran Torino moment when you’re THAT old 😛

  2. I can totaly relate with how you feel. I was flicking channels the other day and Buffy was on on some channel and here I am, watching the magic all over again 🙂

    • Aw, I look forward to the day when I can flick channels and find Buffy and actually knowing what’s going on. (I have a vague memory of flicking channels when I was younger and watching about five minutes of it, totally confused as to what was going on. I know Willow and Dawn were in that part, but I don’t remember ever seeing that part again. Weird.)
      Are you watching anything good at the moment?

  3. There is nothing to compare with seeing BtVS + Angel for the first time but – the re-watch is also an amazing experience – definitely DEFINITELY check out Firefly ..Dollhouse, ..hhhmm … only if you get desperate and need some type of fix, Dr Horrible is excellent but honestly, plan your re-view of Buffy and Angel .. and watch the magic of knowing the magic to come ..

    • Firefly is high on my list of priorities, and I’m right there with you on the excellency of Dr Horrible (pure brilliance! in song form!), and it seems everyone says to not worry about Dollhouse, so I’m cool with that.
      I can’t wait ’til I can sit down and rewatch BtVS + Angel with someone who hasn’t seen them before. That’d be amazing 😀

      • My current squeeze hasn’t seen either – he’s one of those people who thinks anything called”Buffy” that involves vampires just can’t be good, let alone amazing (bloody Twilight has ruined EVERYTHING).

        I plan to tie him to a chair and simply force-feed him (the relationship simply cannot progress until he has been baptised).

  4. I wasn’t part of the Buffy clan, but same feelings exactly when I reached the end of Charmed: fullness, emptiness and gratefulness! Let’s see how we feel when Downton will join the pantheon of finished cult series…;)

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