Who else is excited for THE GREAT GATSBY?

Okay, so the Australian premiere of The Great Gatsby is tonight, which is pretty exciting stuff. For any international readers out there, have you seen the film yet? Was it any good? If you haven’t, are you going to? Are you as excited as I am? (Hint: I’m very excited.) Have you read the book? High expectations for the film? Low ones?

Film poster for THE GREAT GATSBY.

Doesn’t this poster look so awesome and steampunkish? Makes me want to see it even more!

I’d love for you to leave a ten word review if you’ve seen it! (Need I say, ‘No spoilers’? I should hope not!) Or just comment for the heck of it. I love replying to you guys!


2 thoughts on “Who else is excited for THE GREAT GATSBY?

  1. I’ve read the book, seen the trailer, and as soon as my exams allow it I’ll go and see it! Though I don’t have such big expectations, it’s Baz Luhrmann, and I love the man’s work!

    • Yay! Luhrmann is pretty awesome. I heard an interview with him where he was asked about some of the “mixed reviews” received in the US. He simply replied, “I ignore the bad ones.” And he’s so passionate as well. I, for one, can’t wait 😀

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