Some me in the absence of me


So…it’s been a while now since I’ve posted something. And I still don’t quite have the time to post a whole, er, something, so I’m posting this video of me last July, that my friend edited and put up on her YouTube account a few months ago. Because I’m being fashionably late, you see.

Basically, I shaved my hair to raise money for breast cancer (I raised $160, which was alright, but not as much as I’d hoped), and if you feel like laughing at my awkward self, then go right ahead and enjoy the video!

Also, in other news, uni is going swimmingly (apart from assignments — but that’s to be expected), and I’m currently reading We Need to Talk About Kevin which is utterly amazing and a complete work of art (I say, only 180 pages in — proof enough that I’m smitten), and have nearly finished Buffy season five / Angel season two (oh, the dramz! the feelz!). But anyway, what are you guys reading/watching? Anything particularly awesome you want to rave about? (Leave a comment, because I love replying to them!)