I was kindly given an ARC of this novel by Strange Chemistry, a division of Angry Robot, a publishing company which I adore, in exchange for a review.

Below there be spoilers…if you can call them spoilers.

The cover for THE HOLDERS

A kind of bland cover…kind of fitting, actually.

I’m aware that this novel is still in the process of being edited, so I won’t judge it by the fact that, during the last chapter, some of the characters play an “evening round of Scrabble” when it is, apparently, “the morning”. But anyways…

So, a potentially great story ruined by the same ol’ tropes in YA fantasy. Oh joy. Didn’t see that coming. *cough* The characters were really cool (and could have been even cooler), but the dialogue was stilted beyond belief, and things didn’t really start picking up until the third chapter at least, and then they fell off again for far too long. To be honest, I only continued reading because I was planning to review it. The twists were visible a mile off (or at least three chapters beforehand), and, to have careened off the edge of creativity to conform to such lazy, unintelligent plot movement is shameful. Maybe, though I don’t think so, the novel was aimed for younger readers? I find that hard to believe however, as the protagonist is a seventeen-year-old, who graduated early (due to her “intelligence”) at age fifteen.

We’ve seen these stories before, Ms. Scott, and to think you showed such promise at the beginning…I was so excited to be involved with someone who wasn’t endowed with special abilities, wasn’t ‘the chosen one’, wasn’t ‘fated to be with her one true love’, buuuuttt…oh well.

Worth a read if you’re looking for something quick and easy: no concentration required.


PS. I was sorely disappointed with this foray into YA from Angry Robot (Strange Chemistry, whatever). I love Angry Robot, so please don’t let this deter you from some excellent reads…maybe, if you’re like me, steer away from Strange Chemistry?


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