The Definition of ‘Family’

Sometimes I wish my family was the perfect family. You know the one: well enough off so as to not be constantly worrying about money, siblings that never argue, a good size house, with all the trimmings included.

I think at Christmas, the flaws in my own family become more apparent, but you know what? I wouldn’t change them for the world.

My family is none of the things above: my parents chose to send me and my three siblings to a private school, each month costing as much as a monthly mortgage payment; my brother and I used to fight heaps (even though now we get along most of the time), and my sisters are the cause of more than their fair share of disputes; and our house is a two bedroom cottage — needless to say, it gets kind of squashy. And we seem to get all the bad luck.

But — and I say this with all honesty — I would not change my family for another. Sure, we have our imperfections, but don’t we all? So, we didn’t get iPads from Santa, and Mum works on Christmas Day, but it’s okay: we have each other. I don’t want to get too sentimental and sloppy, but I truly think that it’s important during this “festive” season that we remember who we’ve got in our lives, and the part we play in others’.

I say all this today because I just spent the day with Dad’s side of the family. I do not get along with them at all. In fact, my nana hates my mother’s guts. But, I am so glad to live in the family that I do live in, that I put up with their crap (often said on the sly so the ‘victim’ is the only one to hear it) to appease my father, who is only just now beginning to see their vicious malice — but only just. Anyway, it makes me realise that I live in a family that loves me for who I am (most of the time), and have parents who have given up a lot to put us through private education. For that, I am extremely grateful.

For those of you who want to brag about your gifts (the specific ones I’m referring to are most probably not reading this blog), I actually don’t care that I didn’t get a ridiculous amount spent on me for Christmas, because I know my family loves and cares for me, and I don’t need to presents showered down on me to know that. And you know, I’m grateful I don’t need that kind of confirmation.

Sorry for the rant! I don’t even know if I make any sense…Anyway, let me know about your thoughts on family and this particularly stressful time of year. Any good stories to share?

Chilling with the fam-bam.

My siblings and I (left), with my brother’s girlfriend.


4 thoughts on “The Definition of ‘Family’

  1. Aw, your little sisters are adorable!

    I totally understand the whole “spending the holidays with family you can’t stand” thing, which is why I don’t do that anymore. 🙂

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